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Cellular Shades
Cellular Shades are specifically designed to insulate your windows from both the heat and cold by trapping air within their cells, making them one of the most energy efficient window shades available.  Cellular Shades can be motorized for added safety, privacy and operating ease..
Functional Options

This feature allows for the opening of the Cellular Shades from the top of the window down towards the window sill as well as from the bottom up.  This feature allows you to have complete control over privacy and security while allowing greater daylighting control.
Ideal for main floor offices facing a streetscape or facing businesses where security and privacy are as important as heat and sunlight control.

Sufficient natural light
Cellular shades filter incoming light providing a softer, non-glare illumination of your interior spaces.  With the smallest light gap between the edge of the shade and window trims, cellular shades provide the best blockage of errant light that would leak through the edges of a roller shade (eg).

The qualities of a cellular shade provide excellent shading without glare or light leakage.

Glare reduction
Because the side of the cellular shade facing the exterior are always white, it reflects a larger portion of the direct sun while the front fabric diffuses the light before it enters the office space.  This creates a much softer glow with very little 'glare'. 
*To achieve the same glare reduction with a sunscreen fabric, your colour choices would have to be in the darker range.

Heat protection
Cellular Shades with their honeycomb construction create a barrier to the intrusion of Heat in the summer and the escape of interior heat to the outside.  Without exception the honeycomb structure of a cellular shade allows it to out-perform any other window covering in the retension of interior heat.  
UV protection
Cellular Shades provide 100% protection against UV rays as well as other harmfull effects of full sun penetration.

Energy benefits
Cellular Shades have an R-Value 1/2 - 1/3 that of a typical insulated exterior wall.

Environmental and employee benefits.
The light filtering effect of Sunscreens means that the use of natural light in the workplace can be maximised, which is important for
individual productivity and well being as well as reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.