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Basic commercial building costs can exceed $120 per square foot, designing office spaces with the need to maintain access to windows in order to reach control cords for blinds or shades -Motorization of your blinds and shades free up valuable space and allow the placement of furnishings and staff as needed - maximizing the use of the space.
Effortlessly control single, multiple or groups of shades from one or more locations.  Light and heat sensors can lower or raise shades depending on pre-set variables.

Integrate motorized products into building automation systems and control window coverings from handheld devices.

Energy benefits
Environmental and employee benefits.
Removing the inconvenience of manually operating blinds and shades encourages staff to utlilize the energy efficiency of shades.  As easy as it is to turn off a light when they leave a room, the shades can be opened or closed with the push of a button.  And if the Sunis RTS sunsensor is a installed, the shades will automatically raise and lower based on preprogrammed instructions.

Additional energy savings without the need for human input.

Ask a motorization specialist to provide options for your office environment.

Telis 1 RTS

Single channel hand-held remote provides control of either one individual motorized application or one group of motorized applications. Also features "my" function to program a favorite position.

DecoFlex WireFree™ RTS

A switch that is battery-powered and completely wireless. It can control 5 individual motorized solutions or 5 groups of motorized solution.

Telis 4 RTS

Five channel hand-held remote provides control of either five individual motorized application or five groups of motorized applications. Also features "my" function to program a favorite position.

Telis 16

The Telis 16 RTS hand-held remote control has 16 channels and can control all motorized applications, including: interior window coverings, exterior screens, patio awnings and rolling shutters. 16 channels can be used to control 16 individual motorized applications or 16 groups of motorized applications.

Sunis Indoor WireFree™ RTS

With the Sunis Indoor WireFree™ RTS sun sensor, users experience:

Bullet - Arrow Thermal Comfort
Bullet - Arrow Protection of Interior Décor
Bullet - Arrow Energy Savings

Sunis Indoor WireFree™ RTS sensors can be installed and programmed in a few seconds.


The controller receives user commands from a variety of tabletop and in-wall controls as well as web-enabled devices and smartphones and sends Z-Wave signals to devices within the TaHomA network for total control of lighting, HVAC, and motorized window coverings.

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