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California or Plantation Shutters add permanence and offer complete function to a space.

Ideal for areas where image is as important as function such as dental offices, executive, restaurants, street front retail.

Wood shutters are available in unlimited colour and design choices, at the discretion of the designer to match or co-ordinate with any interior.  Hardware coices can be traditional, urban or custom.

Functional Options
Divider rails
Individual panels can have either a fixed of 'invisible' divider rail allowing independent operation of the upper set of louvers seperate from the operation of the lower set of louvers.  This allows for complete privacy or complete openness of all or a portion of the louvers (shutters).

Sufficient natural light
Complete privacy can be acheived while still allowing for the maximum or minimum of natural light to enter a space.

Heat protection
Due to the nature of shutters, the installation requires them to be completely inside mounted in an openning or outside mounted with additional of framing.  Both solutions allow for complete blocakage of the suns energy and an ideal solution to the illimanation of heat gain and accumulation in a space. 

UV protection
When the louvers are tilted to block the direct rays of the sun, the UV protection is 100%.

Energy benefits
When closed the natural features of either wood or the insulating properties of ninyl shutters provides an unsurapassed level of the prevention of heat gain and heat loss.

Environmental and employee benefits.
Shutters provide a more harmonius and warm environment when compared to other, more 'clinical' window treatments..