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Transitional Shades
Go from absolute privacy to softly filtered light or full on sunlight in a matter of seconds.  These transitions of light are created with dual layers of horizontal fabric segments alternating between sheer and semi-opaque or opaque fabric.  As the shades are raised or lowered the fabrics pass over each other allowing for an infinite number and variable visibility postions.
Functional Options
When the shdes are fully retracted into their cassette you have a complete unrestricted view.  The vanes can be positioned for total privacy or alternated for various levels of privacy.

Sufficient natural light
Transition Shades allow copius amounts of light into a space with light fitering fabrics.

When in the fully closed position these shades provide excellent shading.

Glare reduction
Glare reduction is achieved when the shades are n the fully closed position.  Choosing room darkening fabrics reduce glare further.

Heat protection
As with any well fitted window treatment, anay barrier that slows down the transmision of heat into a space, transition shades offer the sme proctection from heat loss as a roller shade when in the fully closed position.  
UV protection  
Transitional Shades provide 100% protection against UV rays as well as other harmfull effects of full sun penetration when in the fully closed position, and to a lesser degreewhen the vanes are set to allow the maximum visiblity.

Energy benefits
When in the fully closed position(vanes set to complete privacy) the dual fabric offers an R-Value of between 2 and 4.25 .

Environmental and employee benefits.
The light filtering effect of ransitional Shades means that the use of natural light in the workplace can be maximised, which is important for individual productivity and well being as well as reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.