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Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds offer more than 200 colours and patterns.  Choose the from fabric textures from linen to silk - Natural Textiles inspired by bamboo, leather and wood - or Faux Textures featuring stencil, sponging and faux wall painting. 
Room darkening collections block out light for maximum privacy while Light Filtering collections help soften incoming light and provide protection from direct sunlight.  Cordless wand control plus a variety of other options provide the ultimate in functionality...

Vetical blinds can be co-ordinated with faux and wood horizontal blinds to allow complete coverage in a variety of different settings with different shading requirements.

Vanes can be tilted to block the direct rays of the sun while allowing passive light to enter the space and when closed all UV and direct light are prevented from entering the space while still allowing in natural light..

Heat protection
Choosing a light coloured louver then allows the vast majority of solar gain from entering the space and when vanes are closed and interlocked provides an air barrier which offers R-value protection from heat loss and heat gain.  
UV protection  
Only provides UV protection when louvers are tilted to prevent the direct light from entering.  100% UV protection when louvers are closed,.

Energy benefits
Will reduce heat gain, minimal heat retention (winter) .